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Get 10% off for groups with 8 or more persons.

Reschedule or cancellation

You can cancel your purchased tickets up to one day before departure or, if possible, reschedule. The processing costs are 20% per change, with a minimum of €5.


You can easily exchange online your hotelvouchers by tickets with day/time of departure, by entering the number of people with a voucher at Hotelvoucher** (NOTICE!  So do not enter the number of people under "Adults". Unless you want to buy extra tickets, then you do take the adults or children as an extra option).
Then you go through the entire flow.

€ 12,00 p.p.

€ 11,00 p.p.

€ 8,50 p.p.

€ 0,00 p.p.

** Fill in the voucher code in step 4, keep the voucher at hand.

When do you want to sail?

28 March 2023