Our fleet

Our boats are developed especially for us, so they meet our quality standards and are very durable as well . Our entire fleet is also electric, which means they are quiet, not just for you but also for the residents of Leiden.

Although everybody loves to sail in an open boat, the Dutch weather makes is impossible to guarantee nice, dry days.Because of this we've designed an ingenious roof construction that is suitable for the many low bridges that are so significant for the beautiful historic city of Leiden. And the best part? It uses plexiglass so you won't lose any view. On better days we sail without the roof; a sailing convertible you could say!

Volta - up to 30 people

The youngest in our fleet with 2 years of service. Comfortable and fully electric. Further developed on the Tesla, her older sister. Suitable for any weather type. Ideal for catering with large groups.

Tesla - up to 22 people

Volta's older, slightly smaller sister. She's been with us now for 4 years and she's just as comfortable as the Volta.

vloot Bootjes en Broodjes groepsvaart open

vloot Bootjes en Broodjes groepsvaart overdekt

Nieuwe Rijn & Stille Rijn - up to 12 people

Intimate boat for smaller gatherings.These boats are very comfortable and suitable for catering on board as well. 

vloot Bootjes en Broodjes Nieuwe Rijn varen Leiden

canal and private boat tour Nieuwe Rijn Leiden