Rent a sloop with the Covid-19 guidelines

(Canal tours and Private boat tours are not possible under current conditions)

The covid-19 virus affects the lives of all of us. It is important that the virus is not spread unnecessarily. We naturally follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM, and follow the advice of Hiswa/Recron. We expect the same from you.

The additional rules (besides our house rules and general terms and conditions) for renting a sloop:

  • You follow the rules from the government and RIVM, in case of minimal corona complaints we ask you to stay at home, you are not allowed to sail
  • Follow additional rules which are issued by the local security region or by the police or BOA
  • Fines for not obeying the rules are for your account. There is extra enforcement on the water. Enforcement officers will request data from the population register
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meter
  • Maximum of 2 persons per boat - if you are a family and have a joint household (according to the population register) a maximum of 6 persons is allowed - students do not belong to a joint household - keep on board a minimum of 1.5 meter distance
  • No other persons may be taken on board during the entire rental period
  • Keep a minimum of 1,5 meter distance from other (manned) boats. Do not lie alongside other boats where people are on board
  • Do not sail outside the city without consultation and our permission. We may not be able to pick you up in the event of a breakdown due to limited staff deployment.
  • Boats will be cleaned after use
  • Payment is only via the pin device, this device will be cleaned after use
  • Keep distance from our staff and other guests, also when filling out forms and using pin device
  • Rental forms are filled out by only 1 person from your group, you have your identification ready.
  • Read the sailing instructions carefully, preferably online before departure, we can clarify questions on the spot.
  • We rent out the boats for short periods. The boats are just coming out of the winter storage, the conditions of the battery packs have to be adjusted first.
  • Sail, now even more than usual, calmly, thoughtfully and relaxed. Avoid places where many boats seem to come together or where they are moored.
  • Bear in mind that no toilet facilities are available in and around the rental location.

Corona guidelines Police Leiden

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