Rent a sloop with the Covid-19 guidelines

The covid-19 virus affects the lives of all of us. It is important that the virus is not spread unnecessarily. We naturally follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM . We expect the same from you.

The additional rules (besides our house rules and general terms and conditions) for renting a sloop:

1. number of people per boat:

Boat for max. 6 persons* :
  • either a maximum of 2 people at 1.5m distance or 1 household
  • total number of persons on board is a maximum of 6

2. more:

  • Follow the rules from the government, local security region and RIVM
  • In case of corona complaints, also minimal, we ask you to stay at home, you are not allowed to sail
  • Fines for not obeying the rules are for your account
  • If you book, we expect you to read the rules first so you have a clear idea of the number of people allowed on the boat. Cancellation due to misinterpretation of the number of persons we do not accept.
  • Keep 1,5 meter distance from our staff and other guests
  • Payment is via the pin device. You will need your debit card for the refund of your deposit. Repayment is not contactless 
  • We ask you to read the sailing instructions carefully

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