Offer someone a boat as a gift!

Gift vouchers

Looking for an original gift for someone? Offer them a boat trip!

Bootjes en Broodjes gift vouchers are available for any desired amount. The recipient can rent a sloop or book a private tour. (And who knows, perhaps you will be invited along!)

Order a gift voucher

You can collect the voucher during our regular opening hours.

Ordering by e-mail is also possible. For an additional charge of €3, we will send the gift voucher to your address. Please state the amount you would like to give as well as your postal address details. We will include cost and payment specifications when responding to your email. On receipt of your payment, we will send you the voucher.

A ten-hour card

Our ten-hour ticket is also a wonderful gift: the Bootjes & Broodjes stamp card that allows you to go boating for one or several hours. But keep in mind how you would like to arrange the deposit.

Click here for more information.

VVV gift voucher

The VVV tourist office gift voucher can be exchanged with us for boat tours, private tours, sloop rentals and other products.