A private boat tour:

Pure enjoyment in the exclusive company of your friends, colleagues or family!

Summer and winter we will sail you around passing surprising places in Leiden or Kagerplassen. If necessary covered and heated.

private boat tour Leiden sunset

To enjoy

Your skipper is also your guide; he will tell you all kinds of historic tales and current stories about Leiden and its surroundings. Would you like to cruise through Leiden’s cosy city centre? Or would you rather take a tour through the typical Dutch polder landscape of the Kagerplassen lake area? You can choose your own route.

Turn your private tour into a festive event with one of our delicious food and drink arrangements. During the high season, catering on the Tesla (13 to 22 persons) and the Volta (23 to 30 persons) are mandatory.

Practical arrangements

  • Our modern boats are suitable for up to 12, up to 22 and up to 30 people
  • If required, the boat can be covered and heated
  • We can collect you at a location of your choice, we charge the extra sailing time
  • Private tours are possible throughout the year
  • Our comfortable boats are electric and therefore silent
  • Why not opt for a special boating experience and enjoy the sun rising or setting together? It’s the ultimate experience! 

Boating with a group larger than 30 people

Would you like to take a private tour with a group larger than 30 people? This can certainly be arranged. Email us to find out about the possibilities.

Groepsvaart Kagerplassen en Leiden