Group sailing with Graduation Drink

Graduated? And would you like to celebrate? With our package you will be picked up at the Academiegebouw and sail through the city of Leiden with delicious luxury snacks and glass Prosecco.

Graduation drink on the water

Newly graduated or getting your PhD? Naturally, you will want to celebrate. One of our skippers will pick you up at the Academiegebouw and sail through the city of Leiden while we serve delicious appetisers, snacks and prosecco on board.

After your ceremony, our skipper will meet you at the Academiegebouw, where you and your guests can step on board. You will then sail through the delightful city centre while we serve festive appetisers and snacks. We will also offer your guests two glasses of prosecco as well as mineral water. After the hour-long trip, we will drop you off at the Blauwpoortbrug.

Sailing and lunch costs:

  • from 8 to 20 persons*:   
€ 29,50 per person
  • 21 to 65 persons:
€ 27,50 per person
  • More than 65 people:    
Price quotation is given in a non-binding quotation
* Of course you can also book this package with less than 8 people. However, you pay for the minimum number of 8 persons. If you do not wish to do so, you may want to opt for a only sailing group sailing or a tourism.

On which boat do you sail:

Bootjes en Broodjes has several comfortable boats for group cruises. These boats can sail open as well as covered and possibly heated. So even in the winter period it is nice sailing with Boats and Sandwiches.

Groups of up to 12 persons are usually classified on the New or Silent Rhine. Larger groups up to 22 persons on the Tesla and up to 30 persons on our boat the Volta. For more than 30 persons we will place you on several boats.

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