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Make a boattour

Our skipper sails your company through cosy Leiden. A trip on the Kagerplassen can be a nice addition to your cruise. You can bring your own catering on board, or let us take care of it for you. You can also book drinks on a post-calculation basis. Look at catering-offers.

  2 - 12 people              
€       95,00 per hour
13 - 22 people
€     160,00 per hour
23 - 30 people
€     195,00 per hour
    > 30 people
    on request

Other location

We can collect your group at a previously arranged location. We charge the extra boattime to pick you up or drop you off. In the city it's usually a quarter to a half hours extra, outside the city from half an hour.

varen met je eigen gezelschap en schipper door Leiden