Catering on your boat

Lovely to sail through the city with our tasty sandwiches or snacks and of course extra festive with chilled drinks. Look here for the possibilities.

broodjes op de bootjes

We do not always have everything in stock. Please order a day in advance.
If you want to order shortly before departure, please call us for availability.

Tasty sandwiches

Sandwich extra mature cheese

 €   3,50 p.s.
Sandwich egg salad  €   3,50 p.s.
Sandwich brie  €   3,50 p.s.
Sandwich smoked salmon  €   4,50 p.s.
minimum order of 2 sandwiches

Fresh coffee and various types of tea

with 3 types of sweets  
  (pastel del nata, brownie, macaron)  €   7,50 p.p.
minimum order 2 persons

Classic snacks

tasty mature cheese cubes  
various traditional dry sausages  
a range of savoury snacks  
cherry tomatoes and cucumber  
Amsterdam onions and pickles  €   7,50 p.p.
minimum order 2 persons

Various drinks

pot of coffee/tea (from 4 persons)
 €     4,00  p.p.
various soft drinks  €     2,00  p.c.
jus d'orange  €     2,50  p.b.
Fritz soda various  €     2,50  p.b.
can of beer  €     2,50  p.c.
bottle of wine (red, white, rose)  €   19,50  p.b.
small bottle of wine (red, white, rose) 25cl
 €     6,50  p.b.
bottle of prosecco  €   25,00  p.b.
small bottle of prosecco 25cl
 €     7,50  p.b.

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