Night of the Night

Sail in the dark!

Let the dark be dark and discover how mesmerizing the sky can be at night during Nacht van de Nacht (Night of the Night). The best way to experience this is on the water!

Nacht van de Nacht Kagerplassen

Again, Bootjes en Broodjes will join the Night of the Night and sail to the Kagerplassen in the dark. During Night of the Night, local governments and companies turn off their lights and people gather to savour the absence of artificial light.

  • When: Saturday October 24th 2020
  • Departure from Blauwpoortsbrug 1, Leiden
  • We sail for 2 hours at a rate of € 26,00 pp.

Boats will leave at 9.00 pm from the Blauwpoortsbrug 1, Leiden. The tour will take 2 hours and we serve hot chocolate, mulled wine, coffee, tea and biscuits on board. Sailing during Night of the Night costs € 26,00 pp. The trip is comfortable, covered and heated.