Renting a sloop: easy and flexible

Rent a sloop and drive yourself for two or several hours and enjoy a wonderful cruise along the beautiful canals of Leiden or to the stunning Kagerplassen lake area! Our sloops are electric and therefore silent, highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle.

Easy & Comfortable

You can rent a sloop for two or several hours, or for a full day. Our sloops are equipped to comfortably cater for six adults. In consultation, seven or eight people can be accommodated. Before departure, we will give you clear instructions on how to handle the boat and the rules once on the water. You will receive a map of the waterways with attractive boating routes through Leiden and its surroundings.

The skipper should be at least 21 and carry valid proof of identity. You don’t need a boating licence for our sloops. The sloops are electric and therefore silent, highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle.


View our special arrangements for breakfast, lunch, high tea or festive drinks on board.
Would you like to rent a sloop more often? Opt for our advantageous ten-hour card! With this card you can also drive for one hour.

sloep huren Leiden

Practical arrangements

Make sure you arrive five to ten minutes before the reserved departure time to deal with administrative matters and receive boating instructions. The rent and deposit (€150) are to be paid before departure. Cash and debit card payments are accepted. Should you choose to pay the deposit by debit card, we will transfer the amount back in your account when you're back, provided that the boat is returned in the same good condition as it was on departure.

We ask you to please read our house rules and general terms and conditions before departure.