About Bootjes en Broodjes

Leiden is a city of water – that’s why the best way to see it is from one of our boats. Bootjes en Broodjes uses nothing but electric touring boats and sloops. These boats are quiet and environmentally friendly!

Leidse shipping company

Since its founding in 2008, the company has been located in the picturesque bridge operator’s house on the Blauwpoorts Bridge. Our skippers know where to find the most fascinating destinations, both in Leiden and on the Kaag Lakes, and they are more than happy to tell you all about them.

Bootjes en Broodjes is the perfect place for a boat tour, group cruise, or renting a sloop. For people who want to make their boating experience complete, there are package tours available featuring delicious food and drinks served on board.


The environment and the space we live in are important to Bootjes en Broodjes. All our boats are electric and therefore clean and quiet. This is not only pleasant for the animals and the water quality, but also for the other users of the water and residents of the city. Also for our catering we use as much as possible local and sustainable products.


The latest acquisition of Bootjes en Broodjes is the ‘Volta’: a large, luxury electric boat for groups. Like the ‘Tesla’ we designed and built this boat for the Leidse canals and the dozens of low bridges that the city counts. “That was not an easy task”, says Tinus Jacobs, owner of Bootjes en Broodjes. “But the result is beautifult. This boat is also fully electric and equipped with all kinds of technical ingenuity. Like a semi automatic roof that gives the best and most comfortable adaption to the low bridges. A beautiful piece of innovative boatbuilding we are very proud of.”

business trip of Bootjes en Broodjes to the beach of Katwijk aan Zee near the beach houses