Our special boat tours

During the year you can join some special boat tours.Click on Program you will find our specials and departures.

private tour in autumn and winter in Leiden

Mothers Day High Tea Boattour

Sunday May 13 you can join the high tea boattour, special for Mothers Day. A comfortable open or covered (depending on the weather) cruise through Leiden and a short round over lakearea the Kagerplassen. This while enjoying our delicious high tea!

Sunset Tour Lake Area

Join our special Kagerplassen boat tour and enjoy a wonderful 2,5-hour trip to the lakes. Take your own snacks and drinks aboard, or opt for one of our main course salads. 

Nacht van de Nacht

Of course, as a sustainable company, we do not beat Night Night. 27 October 2018 is the next edition. Comfortable covered and heated.

high tea on sunday boat tour autumn and winter Leiden