Our special boat tours

Join one of our special tours. From a delightful cruise on the Kagerplassen lakes area, a sunset tour to a wine tasting. Scattered throughout the year we organise special canal cruises that you can join. Keep an eye on our agenda for planned “special” cruises!

Summer Lake Tour

Buy your tickets for our summer cruise on the Kagerplassen here and be assured of your spot on board.
This tour lasts 2 hours in total.

Agenda Specials

In 2023, we offer a few lovely boat tours to the Kagerplassen. The boat trip lasts a total of 2 hours. Don’t miss out!

July 2023


Sunday 23 July departure at 15.30h

August 2023


Sunday 13 August departure at 15.30h
Sunday 27 August departure at 15.30h